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Burkina Faso Travel !

OUAGADOUGOU and its surroundings

23 November 2016

First step in Africa. Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. A capital city where half of the streets are made of orange ground, where kids play with car tires, where women hairstyles are mountains of bananas and carotts, where we drink the Brakina, the local brewed ale, to support the daily 43 degrees of April, where each life event is a feast, and especially, where the most beautiful smiles have crossed my way on this past year and a half trip.…

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Burkina Faso Discover ! Meet !

TUAREG craft

20 November 2016

What is exactly Touareg craft? Artisans came with several treasures created by their hands, to show to us their universe and boost our inspiration. Among these wonders, a lot were jewelry boxes made of wood and leather, jewels made of bronze, copper, aluminum, leather, wood, jewels and… even more jewels! I’m really delighted to present to you, some portraits of persons who accepted to proudly take the pose!…

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Colombia Travel !

COLOMBIA, panorama

30 October 2016

Beauty treasure and « buena onda », Columbia is among the crushes of my trips. I keep in mind two amazing cities : Cartagena de Indias and Bogota, capital city of the country. Cartagena is the diamond of the Caribbean coast, known as the most beautiful colonial city of the country, where every front wall looks like a masterpiece painting. And Bogota, it’s the huge capital city, surrounded by the mountains, also concealing, architectural treasures and great art museums. It seethes with…

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Discover ! Peru


23 October 2016

We can’t talk about Peru without talking about the traditional style of the Peruvian folks. Astonishing embroideries, amazing patterns, bright colours…everywhere in the streets, the countryside, for any occasions. But the ultimate star of the Andean Peruvian outfit is the hat. Its first purpose is to protect from the sun in the heights, but now has become essential even at night, women, men and children can’t do without.…

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Peru Travel !

PERU, panorama

20 October 2016

Peru, it’s…huge. I only visited the south half of the country but it felt very, very, very big. Travelling here is getting used to spending 18 hours in a doubtful suspension-less bus on the tight road of the Andes Cordillera. It’s also getting used to trembling with fear every time another bus crosses your path in the turns, sitting by a small lady, crossing herself, every time the worst was avoided… But not only that !! It’s most of all, get…

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