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Colombia Featured Peru Workshops

the workshop JORGE + JANETH

26 October 2016

A meeting between two countries and two expertises: Jorge Medina, jewel maker artisan, living in the heart of Peru and Janeth Del Pilar, living at the border with Columbia and Ecuador, who was the keeper of the rare secret of straw marquetry. A collaboration taking place during two months from Jorge’s atelier in Peru to Janeth’s in Columbia.…

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Featured Peru Workshops

the workshop YANESHA

18 October 2016

Here are the pictures of the project with the Yanesha folk from the small village of Loma Linda in Peruvian Amazon. The patterns of the collection are inspired by the traditional designs of the community. The following pictures were shot in the streets of Lima. Special thanks to Annie Erens, founder of the association Sol’Yanesha with whom we achieved this project. To Jenny Menacho and Valbina Miguel Toribio, who were our direct contacts with the community. Special appreciation of course…

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Guatemala Stories

the workshop story TRAMATEXTILES

6 September 2016

For the workshop with Trama Textiles in the city of Xela, I wanted everything to go perfectly. I knew I would work with extremely talented craftswomen, so I couldn’t allow myself to go unprepared. I thought of a pattern inspired by the traditional mayan patterns. I chose chevron pattern, symbol of the “feathered serpent”, a mayan god who created the earth according to mayan mythology. I had also wanted to work for some time on a gradient pattern in nuances…

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Discover ! Guatemala


2 September 2016

How I wish I could show you every single one of them! In Guatemala, whether it’s a regular weekday or a market Sunday, whether we are up in the mountains or at home, dressing up is an art. I travelled through villages that portrayed rural poverty like no other and yet, the villagers were all dressed up like princes and princesses. Everywhere we went, we came across sumptuous embroidery and weaving, sometimes decorated with beads and lurex threads that shone…

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