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Burkina Faso Stories

the workshop story DESIGN FOR PEACE

4 November 2016

« Wonder » could be the right word corresponding the best to define this collaboration. Starting with being able to transform tank shell in to precious jewels. And of course, being lucky to observe the detailed work performed by gifted artisans, I specialy think about Sidi and Waneibi, my 2 coworkers for the collaboration. I spent about 2 months with them, developing a jewels collection, essentially based on recyclable materials: tank shells for the bronze and inner tubes for the leather. We…

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Colombia Meet ! Peru


29 October 2016

Jorge learnt his goldsmith job from his brother at the age of 12. As a teenager, he did several part time jobs in Lima, from buses, sweets seller to chicken plucker in butchers…At the age of 20, he decided to come back to the town where he grew up, san Jeronimo and started to fully focus on his passion. There he met his future wife, Elena, also from a goldsmith family. Together, they opened a jewelry store and an atelier in…

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Colombia Peru Stories Workshops

the workshop story JORGE + JANETH

27 October 2016

For this project, I had this crazy idea to mix two countries expertise, going to one’s atelier to the other. First, was Jorge. I met him in San Jeronimo, a tiny town in the heart of Peru. San Jeronimo is the high site for Peruvian jewelry art. Most of the towns businesses are jewel shops and jewel ateliers, real life dream. I visited Jorge’s shop one cheerful morning to explain my project to him. We got on well though and…

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Colombia Featured Peru Workshops

the workshop JORGE + JANETH

26 October 2016

A meeting between two countries and two expertises: Jorge Medina, jewel maker artisan, living in the heart of Peru and Janeth Del Pilar, living at the border with Columbia and Ecuador, who was the keeper of the rare secret of straw marquetry. A collaboration taking place during two months from Jorge’s atelier in Peru to Janeth’s in Columbia.…

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Meet ! Peru

meet YANESHA people

20 October 2016

The Yaneshas, essentially, live in central Amazon of Peru. People live in small villages, including Loma Linda, 200 inhabitants, where I was lucky to live a few days myself. Loma Linda means “pretty plain” in Spanish language. Yanesha means “us, people” in Native American language. To find the village, you’ll have to endure a 13 hours bus journey from Lima, then a few hours in a pick-up, then some kilometers riding a motorbike and finally, some hiking deep in the…

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Peru Stories

the workshop story YANESHA

19 October 2016

November the 23rd 2015: « We are driving to the Amazon community. I’m anxious but excited. I’m worried I haven’t spent enough time preparing my project with all this accumulated stress and tiredness ». I’ve been dreaming about this project in the Amazon for years. It was, for me, the ultimate experience and a strong personal challenge. When I realized it was about to happen, I was thrilled by an inexhaustible energy. Everything started in France, when I met Annie Erens, founder…

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Guatemala Stories

the workshop story TRAMATEXTILES

6 September 2016

For the workshop with Trama Textiles in the city of Xela, I wanted everything to go perfectly. I knew I would work with extremely talented craftswomen, so I couldn’t allow myself to go unprepared. I thought of a pattern inspired by the traditional mayan patterns. I chose chevron pattern, symbol of the “feathered serpent”, a mayan god who created the earth according to mayan mythology. I had also wanted to work for some time on a gradient pattern in nuances…

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Guatemala Meet !


5 September 2016

Trama Textiles is an association of weavers I worked with for several weeks. It was founded in 1988 to support families having been touched by the civil war. The association is based in the center of Xela but works with more than 17 groups from 5 different regions throughout the country. Presentation in images :  First of all, here are the two leaders : the head of the association, Amparo de Leon de Rubio and the vice president, Oralia Chopen.…

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