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OUAGADOUGOU and its surroundings

23 November 2016

First step in Africa. Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. A capital city where half of the streets are made of orange ground, where kids play with car tires, where women hairstyles are mountains of bananas and carotts, where we drink the Brakina, the local brewed ale, to support the daily 43 degrees of April, where each life event is a feast, and especially, where the most beautiful smiles have crossed my way on this past year and a half trip.…

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Burkina Faso Discover ! Meet !

TUAREG craft

20 November 2016

What is exactly Touareg craft? Artisans came with several treasures created by their hands, to show to us their universe and boost our inspiration. Among these wonders, a lot were jewelry boxes made of wood and leather, jewels made of bronze, copper, aluminum, leather, wood, jewels and… even more jewels! I’m really delighted to present to you, some portraits of persons who accepted to proudly take the pose!…

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