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    Colombia Meet ! Peru

    meet JORGE & JANETH

    Jorge learnt his goldsmith job from his brother at the age of 12. As a teenager, he did several part time jobs in Lima, from buses, sweets seller to chicken plucker in butchers…At the age…

    29 October 2016
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    Discover ! Peru

    discover THE PERUVIAN HAT

    We can’t talk about Peru without talking about the traditional style of the Peruvian folks. Astonishing embroideries, amazing patterns, bright colours…everywhere in the streets, the countryside, for any occasions. But the ultimate star of…

    23 October 2016
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    Peru Travel !

    PERU, panorama

    Peru, it’s…huge. I only visited the south half of the country but it felt very, very, very big. Travelling here is getting used to spending 18 hours in a doubtful suspension-less bus on the…

    20 October 2016
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    Peru Travel !


    There nothing better than a few lines, written on the warm fly during the nights under the net with my headlight…: « This very evening, in the dying afternoon, the sun was still shining. I…

    20 October 2016
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    Meet ! Peru

    meet YANESHA people

    The Yaneshas, essentially, live in central Amazon of Peru. People live in small villages, including Loma Linda, 200 inhabitants, where I was lucky to live a few days myself. Loma Linda means “pretty plain”…

    20 October 2016
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    Peru Stories

    the workshop story YANESHA

    November the 23rd 2015: « We are driving to the Amazon community. I’m anxious but excited. I’m worried I haven’t spent enough time preparing my project with all this accumulated stress and tiredness ». I’ve been…

    19 October 2016
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    Featured Peru Workshops

    the workshop YANESHA

    Here are the pictures of the project with the Yanesha folk from the small village of Loma Linda in Peruvian Amazon. The patterns of the collection are inspired by the traditional designs of the…

    18 October 2016
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    Featured Guatemala Workshops

    the workshop TRAMATEXTILES

    I’ve worked with Trama Textiles during 6 weeks, a mayan weavers cooperative based in Xela, Guatemala. I had the chance to develop a personal design entirely handmade by incredibly talented craftswomen. I took the…

    7 September 2016
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    Discover ! Guatemala


    One thing I learned from this trip : every look deserves its own hairstyle. I was particularly amazed at how well Guatemalan women wore their different hairstyles. It’s probably also because I leave my own…

    11 September 2016