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Burkina Faso Workshops

the project DESIGN FOR PEACE

10 November 2016
design for peace

Design for Peace project, it’s the meeting between 17 Touareg artisans and Malien refugees in Burkina Faso and 6 Parisian designers. Created by AfrikaTiss, supported by HCR –High Commission of United Nations for Refugees-, the first purpose of this project is to encourage insertion and autonomy of the refugees in Burkina Faso. Creating for this purpose, a collection of items, mixing everyone expertise, for the international marketplace. Design for Peace is also a beautiful human and artistic adventure, a multicultural…

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Burkina Faso Stories Workshops

the workshop story DESIGN FOR PEACE

4 November 2016

« Wonder » could be the right word corresponding the best to define this collaboration. Starting with being able to transform tank shell in to precious jewels. And of course, being lucky to observe the detailed work performed by gifted artisans, I specialy think about Sidi and Waneibi, my 2 coworkers for the collaboration. I spent about 2 months with them, developing a jewels collection, essentially based on recyclable materials: tank shells for the bronze and inner tubes for the leather. We…

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Colombia Peru Stories Workshops

the workshop story JORGE + JANETH

27 October 2016

For this project, I had this crazy idea to mix two countries expertise, going to one’s atelier to the other. First, was Jorge. I met him in San Jeronimo, a tiny town in the heart of Peru. San Jeronimo is the high site for Peruvian jewelry art. Most of the towns businesses are jewel shops and jewel ateliers, real life dream. I visited Jorge’s shop one cheerful morning to explain my project to him. We got on well though and…

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Colombia Featured Peru Workshops

the workshop JORGE + JANETH

26 October 2016

A meeting between two countries and two expertises: Jorge Medina, jewel maker artisan, living in the heart of Peru and Janeth Del Pilar, living at the border with Columbia and Ecuador, who was the keeper of the rare secret of straw marquetry. A collaboration taking place during two months from Jorge’s atelier in Peru to Janeth’s in Columbia.…

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Featured Peru Workshops

the workshop YANESHA

18 October 2016

Here are the pictures of the project with the Yanesha folk from the small village of Loma Linda in Peruvian Amazon. The patterns of the collection are inspired by the traditional designs of the community. The following pictures were shot in the streets of Lima. Special thanks to Annie Erens, founder of the association Sol’Yanesha with whom we achieved this project. To Jenny Menacho and Valbina Miguel Toribio, who were our direct contacts with the community. Special appreciation of course…

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Featured Guatemala Workshops

the workshop TRAMATEXTILES

7 September 2016
Cathy Amouroux wear you from 1

I’ve worked with Trama Textiles during 6 weeks, a mayan weavers cooperative based in Xela, Guatemala. I had the chance to develop a personal design entirely handmade by incredibly talented craftswomen. I took the following pictures in the streets of Xela. A huge thanks to my super models, Kiri Glinz and Patricia Gomez. A big thanks as well to Patricia Macías López and all Trama Textiles team.  …

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Australia Featured Workshops


22 August 2016

Living paintings! This is the project I’ve done with Ikuntji artists, the aboriginal art centre located in Haasts Bluff, in the middle of Australia. Here are our series of pictures: paintings with human legs wearing shoes. Thanks to all the young women who accepted to let us take pictures of their legs for these images.                …and to discover the story behind the workshop, it’s right here !!!…

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Australia Featured Workshops


20 August 2016

The mini collection created with the «Babbarra women centre», located in the Aboriginal area of Northern Australia.  The following pictures were taken in Melbourne. Thanks to Agnieszka Chabros/photographer, Karen Burton/MUA and the talented Camille Parker/model: The following pictures were taken in Maningrida. Thanks to Jamme, my beautiful model. Thanks to Deborah for helping me in organization. …and to discover the story behind the workshop, it’s right here !!! …

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