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Burkina Faso Discover ! Meet !

TUAREG craft

20 November 2016

What is exactly Touareg craft? Artisans came with several treasures created by their hands, to show to us their universe and boost our inspiration. Among these wonders, a lot were jewelry boxes made of wood and leather, jewels made of bronze, copper, aluminum, leather, wood, jewels and… even more jewels! I’m really delighted to present to you, some portraits of persons who accepted to proudly take the pose!…

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Burkina Faso Meet !


10 November 2016

It starts with shy portraits and ends with happy selfies…this is how two opposite cultures meet, get to grips with each other and get closer. Us fist, the designer team, were a little bit worried about working with our future Touareg coworkers. We did know that their culture was very different from ours, and when we met them for the first time, we all were impressed by them: they were very tall, very charismatic, the way they walked, dressed up…

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Colombia Meet ! Peru


29 October 2016

Jorge learnt his goldsmith job from his brother at the age of 12. As a teenager, he did several part time jobs in Lima, from buses, sweets seller to chicken plucker in butchers…At the age of 20, he decided to come back to the town where he grew up, san Jeronimo and started to fully focus on his passion. There he met his future wife, Elena, also from a goldsmith family. Together, they opened a jewelry store and an atelier in…

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Meet ! Peru

meet YANESHA people

20 October 2016

The Yaneshas, essentially, live in central Amazon of Peru. People live in small villages, including Loma Linda, 200 inhabitants, where I was lucky to live a few days myself. Loma Linda means “pretty plain” in Spanish language. Yanesha means “us, people” in Native American language. To find the village, you’ll have to endure a 13 hours bus journey from Lima, then a few hours in a pick-up, then some kilometers riding a motorbike and finally, some hiking deep in the…

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Guatemala Meet !


5 September 2016

Trama Textiles is an association of weavers I worked with for several weeks. It was founded in 1988 to support families having been touched by the civil war. The association is based in the center of Xela but works with more than 17 groups from 5 different regions throughout the country. Presentation in images :  First of all, here are the two leaders : the head of the association, Amparo de Leon de Rubio and the vice president, Oralia Chopen.…

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Guatemala Meet !


4 September 2016

During my adventure with Trama Textiles, I had the opportunity to visit, with the whole team, two groups of weavers who were working on a huge commission for an American client. We left very early in the morning in order to meet the weavers who were living and working in Solola, a region near the majestic lake Atitlan, about an hour and a half by car from Xela. I had already come across a number of independent weavers in the…

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Australia Meet !


21 August 2016

Ikuntji artists is a small art centre full of artistic genius. It’s located in Haasts Bluff, an aboriginal micro-community of 150 inhabitants in the desert in the middle of Australia. The nearest city is Alice Springs, accessible by 4×4 and 3h1/5 hours ride away. The panorama around the community is spectacular. Very close to the national park of West MacDonnel, the rocky mountains, vertiginous gorges and vast valleys trace the landscape. We may easily envy the people living in Haasts…

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Australia Meet !


18 August 2016

The «Babbarra Women Centre» is located in the middle of Maningrida, an Aboriginal community in the top end of Australia. Run by Julia Harrys, the centre is home to talented textile designers and seamstresses. It’s here that all the famous Maningrida fabrics are hand-printed. I decided to visit this centre for the quality of the designs, often very thin, refined and sometime minimalistic. Here are the 3 main activities we find at the Babbarra Women Centre : -Framed Screen Printing.…

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