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Discover ! Guatemala


29 August 2016

During several days in Xela, the city in which I stayed for several weeks while I was in Guatemala, beauty queens were an inherent part of the cityscape. One day there were mini queens, the next day they were middle-sized and then the highest rank would invade the streets. They walked around in groups of hundreds, all wearing either tulles, taffetas, laces or velvet, not to mention the huge crown lined with strass and the embroidered scarf. Real life princesses…

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Discover ! Guatemala


28 August 2016

That day, with some of my colleagues, we had heard of a huge event in Xela : the coronation of the “indigenous” queen. In Guatemala, there are a lot of beauty contests, but they are mainly divided into two categories : the Indigenous Misses, who wear traditional costumes of their cities and the Modern Misses, in their meringue dresses and glittering crowns. That day, at the municipal city theatre, it was a young local girl from Xela who was going…

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Guatemala Travel !

MEXICO, panorama

27 August 2016

I was very curious to see the neighbors of Guatemala. Not having more than just a few days, I chose the city of San Cristobal de las Casas and its nearby area, a few hours away from the border. Although it seemed more in order, the city offered a blast of life and colors, similar to what I had known in Guatemala. Churches dominated the cityscape, paper garlands filled the sky with little colored dots, markets were packed with visitors.…

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