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20 October 2016

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There nothing better than a few lines, written on the warm fly during the nights under the net with my headlight…:

« This very evening, in the dying afternoon, the sun was still shining. I went to Norma’s from the house of Rocca. The children were playing volleyball with their Father, the dog was feeding its puppy Inder the wooden stairs of the house. Norma was picking yukas for our diner. Then the girls taught me how to make bracelets. In the candles and headlamp glow, we improvised a bead factory and made jewelries for everybody. Then came the time to rest after a quick cleaning with a wipe and hair cleaning in a basin in the garden.


I like to be mobile phone free, far from the world to enjoy the present better.


Toilets are filthy and the lack of water is cruel. But you don’t complain when you have enough to drink and cook. Tomorrow we might go swimming in the river if the water is not muddy anymore. I barely can imagine the feeling of fresh water on my skin and actual shampoo for my hair…

Life is so simple here, though. The people have this placid look on their face. The children are beautiful, happy and healthy and very sweet, and cuddelling.Little Jairo, Norma’s son, is sleeping on my bed when I’m back from my days work.


The river was still muddy today because of the storm but people from the village led us to an arm of the river protected from the bad weather. I felt the joy to climb the more we were getting close to the water…I’ll always remember the freshness of the water on my shoulders and my temples after several days of extreme humid heat. The pleasure of this cool water!! The girls bursting in yells of happiness around me, we could not stop washing our hair, emptying the bottle of shampoo on our heads.


For our diner, after a good chat in the twilight and a drawing lesson with the kids,

this time we had banana crisps, spaghetti and fresh river fish soup. I went to bed with a belly full of food, clean hair, my head filled with beautiful memories and my heart full of love.”












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