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5 September 2016

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Trama Textiles is an association of weavers I worked with for several weeks. It was founded in 1988 to support families having been touched by the civil war. The association is based in the center of Xela but works with more than 17 groups from 5 different regions throughout the country.
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First of all, here are the two leaders : the head of the association, Amparo de Leon de Rubio and the vice president, Oralia Chopen. Both of them are weavers themselves and have been working for the association for many years. Together, they coordinate the work that is done by each member of the association, take care of the shop and the clients abroad.


Now, here is Fabiana Perez Perez, the seamstress of the association. From the fabric made by the weavers, she makes all the products that are sold in the shop. You can imagine how busy she must be every single day! Then, there’s Patricia, the production coordinator. She manages the commissions placed by the clients for the weavers and distributes the work for every member of the team. There are also the dedicated volunteers of Trama Textiles : Norbert on the new market studies, Chloé as a communication manager and graphic designer, Kelsey managing the Etsy shop and myself for styling.


And, here are our 3 interns who help out on a daily basis. 


Finally, of course, there are our weavers. There are around 400 working for the association. They work directly from their communities and each of them is paid directly on commission for their part of the work. The association offers them courses to mix their weaving traditions with commercial aspects that are needed for their work to be sold as a product. 


All the products by Trama Textiles are hand made, from the weaving of the fabric to the sewing of the final work. The association takes extra good care of the quality of their products in order to maintain its high end image. For instance, each fabric is woven in double “premium” thread. This makes sure that the colors won’t fade even after having washed the fabric and guarantees a solid and long-lasting product. 



The association also includes a weaving school under the caring supervision of the presidents Amparo and Oralia. All the benefit is used for the association, for buying material and maintaining local facilities.
Trama Textiles produces to sell their products in their shop and online on Etsy, but also works on big commissions for international clients, especially from the United States and in Europe. These orders are an important part of the association’s budget. 




Finally, the association really takes care of its amazing teamwork, all the members often come together for meetings and meals organized by Amparo and Oralia. 


Many thanks to the whole Trama team, to all the beautiful people I met and to the wonders of cultural exchange !

Their web site :

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