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the workshop story IKUNTJI SCARVES

25 August 2016

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For this second workshop with Ikuntji, I worked on a series of scarves with artists Gordon, Patrick and Patricia. I wanted to mix prints from one of my personal projects with their paintings and their own styles. For this, I presented them images of my project and I had roughly drawn some studies and compositions of scarves to give them ideas. Each of them chose a composition they liked the most and recreated my patterns in their own way. It was a true pleasure to see them work, the magic worked each time they took their brush to the fabric. Impressive.
Thank you all, Gordon, Patrick and Patricia.





Cathy-Amouroux-wear-you-from-ikuntji-scarf-foulards-story-4 Cathy-Amouroux-wear-you-from-ikuntji-scarf-foulards-story-7

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