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    Burkina Faso Travel !

    OUAGADOUGOU and its surroundings

    First step in Africa. Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. A capital city where half of the streets are made of orange ground, where kids play with car tires, where women hairstyles are mountains of bananas and…

    23 November 2016
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    Burkina Faso Discover ! Meet !

    TUAREG craft

    What is exactly Touareg craft? Artisans came with several treasures created by their hands, to show to us their universe and boost our inspiration. Among these wonders, a lot were jewelry boxes made of…

    20 November 2016
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    Burkina Faso Meet !

    Tuareg beauty

    There is not much to say except advice you to look at these following pictures. From their chech to their toes, Touaregs are definetly beautiful.…

    16 November 2016
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    Burkina Faso Meet !


    It starts with shy portraits and ends with happy selfies…this is how two opposite cultures meet, get to grips with each other and get closer. Us fist, the designer team, were a little bit…

    10 November 2016
  • design for peace
    Burkina Faso

    the project DESIGN FOR PEACE

    Design for Peace project, it’s the meeting between 17 Touareg artisans and Malien refugees in Burkina Faso and 6 Parisian designers. Created by AfrikaTiss, supported by HCR –High Commission of United Nations for Refugees-,…

    10 November 2016
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    Burkina Faso Stories

    the workshop story DESIGN FOR PEACE

    « Wonder » could be the right word corresponding the best to define this collaboration. Starting with being able to transform tank shell in to precious jewels. And of course, being lucky to observe the detailed…

    4 November 2016
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    Colombia Meet ! Travel !

    people from Colombia

    You also love a country for the people you meet. And that was my case, in Colombia, I’ve been going from “alegria” to “alegria”. Life is everywhere, smiles too. Pictures speak for themselves.…

    30 October 2016
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    Colombia Travel !

    COLOMBIA, panorama

    Beauty treasure and « buena onda », Columbia is among the crushes of my trips. I keep in mind two amazing cities : Cartagena de Indias and Bogota, capital city of the country. Cartagena is the…

    30 October 2016